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Swordfish's Consulting, Service Experts, and Installation Department stands behind our game systems 100%.

  • We help you choose the right number of terminals to start out with.
  • We transport the hardware to your physical location.
  • We even setup all the hardware, software, and programing for you.

"Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible"

service-technicians2For those of you converting to our system, you know how much of a headache getting all the technology devices communicating together can be. Our technicians know our system because they helped build it! They are the best of the best and will be at your location to make sure everything is 100%. We stock all systems & part on hand so you don't have to wait for any back ordered parts.

swordfishmachine3Other manufacture's sell you a system and ship you hundreds of components, then you need to find an experienced IT person to Install, Setup and Program your system. Then figure out how to operate yourself, which is extremely difficult. To setup and configure the system, including finding your own IT tech and support people, among other tech's is time consuming and hard especially an honest one. Unfortunately most game systems do not have a simple programing or installation configuration. Besides the need for an IT installer, the programing and set-up of the terminal and programing is very crucial. NO ONE WANTS A BAD FIRST IMPRESSION OR GRAND OPENING GLITCH.

circuit-boardSwordfish's team of professional technicians will come to your location no matter where you are and bring all the tools and equipment necessary, to install, program and set-up your entire game system in a minimal amount of time. Our system is vigorous enough to run virtually maintenance free. However we understand that sometimes things happen, maybe a customer spilling a drink into the machine or worse yet a huge power surge that wiped out the server. We have the ability to fix most problems with your store from our headquarters location via our own remote diagnostic tools manager. It is part of the same diagnostic tools that enables us to update our software remotely. For more serious problems we have local tech's in most areas or can ship and deliver you a replacement via Fed Ex for next morning delivery.



PlanningBrand New
USP Platform

Our brand new ULTIMATE SKILL GAME PLATFORM (USP) provides:

  • Ultra-High Frame


  • Ultra-High Resolution
  • Ultra-Fideltiy Stero Sounds


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Our USP is unparalleled in the industry! Our USP consists of : Game Terminals, Management Terminals, Cashier Terminals and Server.

Easy to configure, Easy to operate

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Swordfish games are server based Skill games which operate through our USP.  Our USP system also offers the ability and option to easily expand the Skill terminals at your location.

We lead the market in performance and design.

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