Barracuda Skill Games

Barracuda (Red Dragon) Fish Games - Sit Down & Upright Gaming Terminal Configuration

  • All terminals allow for one (1) Player or up to Ten (10) Players to play at any time.
  • Players can choose between 1-500 points per shot.
  • Point’s value can be determined by location and redeemed for anything location wants (Prizes, Gift Cards, Cash, or other in store Merchandise.)
  • Any of our games can be configured as follows:
  • Each Player Station: configured with a Bill Acceptor and Printer. Player is finished playing they redeem points and ticket is printed. Player can redeem points from cashier or redemption area.
  • Each Player Station: configured with Bill Acceptor at each Player Station & One (1) Remote Printer mounted by Cashier or redemption area.
  • Player Card System – New Player signs up for a new permanent “Player Card” upon first use of the game. Then Player can load this card with points from Cashier, Loading Station or both. All points redeemed by Player go on card. Player can then redeem Points by going to Cahier or redemption counter.
  • POS System. Many POS options. Call for option availability. Bill acceptor, or software redemption system. Traditional POS, Player buys points from Cashier. Cashier Prints ticket. Player then inserts ticket into Reader mounted at Player Station they want to play. Player redeems points and ticket is printed on remote Printer located by Cashier or redemption area.

 Barracuda 8- player Sit Down Gaming Terminal Configuration


Barracuda 4- player upright Gaming Terminal Configuration

Can Be Configured as a:

  • 2 player, 3 Player, 4 Player
  • Monitor sizes 32”-55”
  • Bill Acceptors & Printers
  • POS System
  • Bill Acceptors & POS System
  • Any Fish Game



Barracuda Skill Game Play



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PlanningBrand New
USP Platform

Our brand new ULTIMATE SKILL GAME PLATFORM (USP) provides:

  • Ultra-High Frame


  • Ultra-High Resolution
  • Ultra-Fideltiy Stero Sounds


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Our USP is unparalleled in the industry! Our USP consists of : Game Terminals, Management Terminals, Cashier Terminals and Server.

Easy to configure, Easy to operate

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Swordfish games are server based Skill games which operate through our USP.  Our USP system also offers the ability and option to easily expand the Skill terminals at your location.

We lead the market in performance and design.

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